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CADIXE : XML Annotation Editor

Goal of CADIXE

CADIXE XML Annotation Editor has been developed in the frame of the CADERIGE Project ( for doing easy and interactive annotation of text documents using a tag set described by an external DTD. Contrary to many other classical XML editors, the end-user using CADIXE does not have to structure directly all the document as an XML tree. New tags can be introduced one by one, in any order. Text markup is displayed by using a CSS style sheet that can be freely modified by the end-user.

The editor has been implemented in JAVA 1.42 so it can be used on any of the following platforms : Linux, Macos X, Windows.

How to get it

Cadixe is totally free of charge. If you are interested to use it for a research project, please send us an email and you will send back the URL to download it.

Contact :

Last release

  • Last release of CADIXE : 2.0a4 (5 march 2005). This software is still an "alpha" release, therefore it is not a "bulletproof" product. However, the main functions has been implemented and the software can be used to annotate a document ...

PDF documentations

  • In English : User Manual of the release 2.0a4 (PDF)
  • En Français : Manuel utilisateur de la version 2.0a4 (PDF)

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